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"Advertising Internet Technology Email Marketer Professional" or AIT Email Marketing Pro is the best way to "Get the Word Out" to Millions of People inexpensively and consistently. You can do all of this through our AIT Email Marketer Pro. All Leads Are Hot and Exclusive because you emailed them, and they called you!!! You can mail 5000 emails an hour. That is huge People, and that is why this is the best system to use for Lead Generation. 

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Save 60% with      our  1 year Contract     Agreement

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Unlimited       Email   Distribution

Lazy Boi Blast           We Build a Professional email Campaign, Provide 1 million email leads and Distribute to each recipient informing them of your service.                                  


Vertical Response, Graphic Mail, Aweber, Constant Contact etc... also carries an email marketing program, but they will charge your company $3000 or more if you were to send out 500k emails. Just type in 500,000 to see, don't take our word for it. Our AIT Email Marketer Pro Blows out the price at only $299 and it allows you to send out Unlimited Emails, which makes it the best Lead Generator. There is NO Limit to how many emails you can send. This is a Limited Time Offer.
Just think about all your other methods of Marketing. What type of marketing could you do to reach Millions of people for only $299? While you ponder on that thought and come up with nothing, just know that our goal is to make your phone ring, and to increase your bottom line at a great cost.

Features and Benefits

Call 877-841-9174      internet fax

3605 Long Beach Blvd           Suite #327 Long Beach,  CA  90807 

Professionally designed email templates

Email Marketer Pro includes professionally designed email templates. You can use these templates to design a custom email template for you or your clients, or you can even upload existing email templates.

Send hundreds of thousands of emails

Email Marketer Pro was designed from the very beginning to be able to support the sending of hundreds of thousands of emails  without any problems - such as duplicate sending. We spent months building and testing just this one part of Email Marketer Pro to make sure it was rock-solid.


Create and send unlimited auto-responders

You can easily create and send unlimited auto-responder emails on auto-pilot with Email Marketer Pro. Take it a step further and only send auto-responders to subscribers who match certain criteria, such as a particular age, location or interest.


Complete campaign and link tracking reports

For each email campaign you send, you can see exactly how many people opened their email, how many people unsubscribed, which links they clicked, email forwarding statistics and more. Email Marketer Pro's campaign reporting features are simply unmatched.


"I Love AIT Email Marketer Pro. When I compared the prices with the other email marketing programs out there I knew right then I had to have it. I loved the program so much I referred 2 of my friends and they gave me $100 dollars for each person that signed up. There is absolutely no Email Marketing program that will compare to Image402's Email Marketing Pro."

- Meriadoc Brandybuck

Our Goal is to Build your public awareness and to Make your phone ring at a low cost to you.

  • Our goal at Image402 Media is to show you how to market on the internet at a low cost and to increase your bottom line. The reason for Marketing  is to build public awareness. You have  to consistently stay in the public eye, so when they are ready to buy, your information is available. We will help you stay in the public eye and help you to create an effective marketing campaign to make your phone Ring off the Hook.

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 Know matter what, if you go into businesses you have to Market yourself and Get the word out. If you just sit there  doing nothing, your company will die, so take it from "Sammy The Cat"
          MARKET OR DIE!

OK people, you have everything you need to be Generate Leads successful with you new Email Marketer. We can provide you with 1 million leads, a kick ass program that will crawl the internet if you do not want to buy leads, and an awesome flash Video for your website from one of the Editors from the Transformers Movie. This will give you the best TV and Web presentation, giving  your customers a visual effect that shows them you are serious about what you do.  And the best part is, not only is the Website Intro good for your website, you can also blast it on TV.  You will also receive 3 Flash Banners/Logos  for your site to grab a person's attention, and a Web Voice to give it the ultimate quality of satisfaction from our Award Winning Voice over specialist Wendy; (you heard her yourself, and if you didn't, push play on the Web Voice audio button.)   Everything we are telling you to do, we are currently doing it ourselves. The reason why we want you to do these things is because we know it  is the best way to Generate Leads, and it will make your "Phone Ring off the Hook."

Email       Marketer Pro

1 Million Email Leads

Email      Crawler

Web Intro

3 Logos/      Banners

Web Voice

Affiliate       Marketing 

XM Voice

Image402 Media Marketing  Special. Only pay $499 a month a receive 15 commercial on MTV, or BET a month

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